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    Publications with Impact

    Thursday, May 03, 2012

    Having originated the Society brand identity in 2009 and subsequently their inaugural corporate literature and website homepage, we were called in once again when the socially-aware recruitment firm required tailored publications for its growing reach and specialist services.

    As per their tagline, 'make an impact', their two new corporate booklets had to be on-brand, striking and impactful. Providing us with the straight copy, Society allow us creative license to interpret their content in layout, visuals and image-sourcing to best convey their message and ethos.

    We're delighted to report that Society are thrilled with their new booklets – as are we!

    It's always exciting to work with a brand that 'thinks outside the box', and we're sure the resulting materials will continue to set Society apart as a leader in the world of recruitment and executive search.

    Click the preview spreads above to view the full publications on ISSUU, and visit their website here.

    Top Flight Firm Targets Seats of Learning

    Saturday, February 18, 2012

    Perrett Laver has one of the largest Higher Education executive search practices in the world, with a vision of influencing society through a new breed of a leaders for a changing world.

    Having worked with the directors and consultants on previous corporate literature, as well as the redesign and reposition of their website, we were appointed once again to produce materials for their Global Chairs Practice.

    Perrett Laver's Global Chairs Practice

    The new literature, aimed at identifying, engaging and securing outstanding academic leaders for the world's top universities, had to feel truly global, set the right tone, and feel every bit as sharp as the the company itself. Taking its overall look and feel from the website, we sourced supporting images and devised a structure to best present the information.

    Having met with resounding approval, printed copies of the book were whisked off to Asia where the Global Chairs Practice convened with the heads of some of the region's top universities. Feedback was prompt upon their return and we're delighted to report that the document proved to be a "roaring success" among its learned readers.

    Headhunted by Headhunters

    Saturday, August 13, 2011

    Bungalow Industries’ design consultancy talents were recruited by two leading London firms to take their online presences to the next level in brand positioning and engagement.

    Perrett Laver logo

    Having previously worked with premier brand Perrett Laver on their corporate literature, we were called in again this time to redesign their website and reposition their brand, asserting the firm as a leader in executive search globally. Understanding their needs and requirements was vital and a full-on day of back-to-back meetings with the Directors and lead Consultants from each Practice Group was organised to provide a fuller insight into their operation and business goals.

    Fully briefed, we set about devising the new site architecture and design, providing each Practice Group with its own identity derived from the original brand mark — and blueprinting a new site within which the Consultants can come to the fore with their news, views and success stories.

    Perrett Laver - new website screens

    As part of our sweeping revision, we employed a module-based page template which is being implemented phase by phase as their blogging, library of media-bytes and catalogue of global appointments grows. All artwork files and a walk-through site were given to their long-standing developer, Mark Ingman at Valhalla Software who set about building the front end and bolting it onto a bespoke, user-friendly, Content Management System (CMS) for the Consultants to upload positions, track and manage applications, and keep their Practice Group news up to date.

    Perrett Laver - new website screens

    With Phase 1 in place, Perrett Laver are successfully presenting themselves to a wider audience and being commissioned to seek out new talent for positions at the highest levels in companies, institutions and organisations worldwide.

    Society logo

    After crafting the identity for Society in 2009, this progressive search firm came back to Bungalow Industries to commission us to redesign their website's homepage to bring it more up-to-date and inline with their growing client base, charitable activities and social media presence.

    Having not been involved in the original website design, we were eager and excited to be able to roll-out our identity work and vision to create a new dynamic, engaging and social media-savvy interface. Our proposed design was approved without amends, offering a much more customisable layout with hero banners, trailers to content within the site and greater potential for keeping Society's homepage as fresh and current as the team themselves.

    Perrett Laver - new website screens

    As with the Perrett Laver website, changes are being implemented in phases, many in place already and Society have been excitedly tweeting about their site’s relaunch to their growing following!


    Headhunted again, and hot on the heels of our work with Perrett Laver and Society, we were asked to create the identity and website design for a new global recruitment brand soon to enter the market. Keep your eyes on our blog - we'll keep you posted!