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    Brand Identity Matters

    Friday, November 25, 2011

    Website development and SEO specialists Sugarcoat came to us late 2011 having observed our work for some time. They said they'd tried to craft their own identity countless times and failed, and came to the conclusion that if you want the job done properly, you call in the experts. We met, talked, and presented our options… the main one being a bitter pill to swallow: change the name. Sugarcoat underwent a rebranding proces with Bungalow Industries to become: netmatter.

    We took their brief and crafted a new identity plus visual and language styles. We dissected their field and competitive landscape and devised a device that in one combined their name, their approach and their methodologies. We created a 5-colour double helix, cannily intertwining the 'n' and 'm' of the name (and the initials of the company's directors) and representing the DNA of the businesses that their approach targeted: the longer strand set in four Google-inspired colours for their 4-fold skillset (Consultancy, Design, Marketing, Reporting) and the other strand in a corporate grey for the SEO service underpinning every aspect of their approach. Simple, elegant, evocative and effective... 'genetic engineering for your business,' you might say!  

    We didn't spare any thinking on the typeface either: Delta Jaeger is a little-known typeface crafted by Gustav Jäger in 1983 for Berthold. Jäger sadly died last July, but his legacy also includes the font Catull – most famously used as Google’s typeface – and his work used here gives a subliminal tie-in for those in-the-know.

    Netmatter were delighted and thrilled to at last have an identity encapsulating who they are and what they do so completely; one that also reflects their capability in this competitive – and fast evolving – marketplace.

    An identity is more than just a logo; and from there, the roll-out commenced. We brought out the 'net' theme in their name, and the tile-able nature of their logo – both into long strands (like DNA of course) and into a net-like pattern vertically for their twitter background and stationery suite. We then designed a holding page, presenting the new name and identity whilst we designed the main site. The DNA strand was used to good effect moving across the screen presenting each of netmatter's key competencies. We coined friendly, approachable language, and a Diagnostic WebCheck service and visual as a hook to catch inquisitive visitors.

    We designed and copywrote the entire site, covering a customer-focused approach to each of their business areas and provided them with all the artwork necessary to build the site, being SEO-savvy developers themselves. Meanwhile, business has been so good for them that they've not had time to complete the build, though it's being developed in the wings as time allows. 

    Business has indeed been good for netmatter as they've subsequently commissioned us to provide front-end artwork and brand treatments to a number of their projects. Confident in their coding abilities, and enjoying the refreshing change of digital communication and website design without having to get stuck into coding, the opportunities have been a welcome change!