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    Publications with Impact

    Thursday, May 03, 2012

    Having originated the Society brand identity in 2009 and subsequently their inaugural corporate literature and website homepage, we were called in once again when the socially-aware recruitment firm required tailored publications for its growing reach and specialist services.

    As per their tagline, 'make an impact', their two new corporate booklets had to be on-brand, striking and impactful. Providing us with the straight copy, Society allow us creative license to interpret their content in layout, visuals and image-sourcing to best convey their message and ethos.

    We're delighted to report that Society are thrilled with their new booklets – as are we!

    It's always exciting to work with a brand that 'thinks outside the box', and we're sure the resulting materials will continue to set Society apart as a leader in the world of recruitment and executive search.

    Click the preview spreads above to view the full publications on ISSUU, and visit their website here.

    The Bungalow Journal

    Sunday, April 15, 2012

    Settling in after our big move has been no small feat, but Whitstable is a fantastic place – we've already met lots of fantastic people, it's by the sea, packed with independent shops… and the house is a midcentury marvel. All in all, it's right up our street!

    Embracing this vibe, we've been working on a new Blog: the Bungalow Journal — a place for us to post our architecture, design and style inspirations (all with a midcentury slant, of course!) There's much that we're eager to blog about that really doesn't quite fit with this, our business blog, and so the Journal was conceived, designed and built… and has just gone live!

    Starting with entries about our midcentury move, including full details of our Bungalow renovation – and how we sold it privately, and now starting to take a wider look at the Californian architecture of the era that so captured our imaginations, it's very much a work-in-progress.

    Post-by-post, we'll share our inspirations from the mid-20th Century, insights into seaside life here in Whitstable, plus updates on the renovation of our new house, Cambria. (The latter is likely to be a very long process indeed, so it's good to know our virtual notebook won't run out of pages!)

    Jump across to our Journal and check out the first few chapters in our journey!

    Brand New Breed of Holistic Therapist

    Saturday, April 14, 2012

    Always great to catch up with our old pal and holistic therapist Tim Norris, we go way back – first working with Tim in 2003 in fact, he was our very first client here at Bungalow Industries!

    Since then Tim has made the move to Sydney, Australia, settled down, has a family of his own, and has gone on to develop a large corporate wellness program My5 (with a little Bungalow help in the brand identity department).

    With My5 now established, Tim needed our help once again to unleash his new business!

    Spotting a gap in the market, Tim has taken the lead and combined his holistic therapies with his other passion in life… his dogs! It was no surprise to hear that Tim is now very much in demand as a canine Myofunctional Therapist and with business booming and fast gaining the attention of the local Sydney press, he urgently needed a brand identity for his business 'Both Ends of the Lead'. Our ears pricked up!

    Knowing it would be a walk in the park for us here at Bungalow, Tim sent over the copy and let us get to work. Such a unique enterprise required a considered approach: friendly, engaging, but with a feeling of trust and authority. Built on Wordpress, Tim wanted to be able to update the website himself with all of the events he attends, the canine resources he wants to share, and dates of his regular clinics too. We're also encouraging him to get to grips with social media, and have introduced him to Twitter with a flurry of initial tweets. The result is a bright, fun brand and website that really hits his target market. With just enough doggy cues, great photography and catchy lingo, the website looks a treat!

    Both Ends of the Lead website Both Ends of the Lead materials
    Both Ends of the Lead flyer

    Tim is already a regular at dog shows in the Sydney area demonstrating his approach and talking to potential clients. With this in mind, we wanted to kit him out… literally! With branded clothing, A-boards, flyers and appointment cards, Tim is certainly going to stand out as 'being best in show'.

    It's great to be able to help chums out, and we wish Tim all the best with his latest venture (not that he'll need it with his agility, discipline and pedigree).


    (Excuse all the canine howlers in there… couldn't resist… we got like a dog with a bone!)

    DIY .docs for YCI

    Friday, March 23, 2012
    IBLFYCI logo

    The Youth Career Initiative, a programme of the International Business Leaders Forum, is a long-standing client of Bungalow Industries and it's always a pleasure to help them out with their ongoing documentation and materials.

    As part of their closer integration with IBLF, and the expansion of their youth education programmes into new territories, they have a growing need to manage their suite of smart, designed documents in-house. From their programme overviews to full course curricula, having truly 'working' documents is increasingly important – not just for ongoing updates but also for regional localisation and translation.

    It was our pleasure to not only begin a refresh of their collateral, but to go a step further and convert the designed documents from our workhorse application, InDesign, into… deep breath… Microsoft Word.

    Converting documents from Adobe Indesign to Microsoft Word

    No mean feat, as any of you with experience in creating professional looking layouts in Word will agree… but ever-focused on our client's outcome we sallied forth with margins, columns, text boxes, tabs, tables, shapes, styles and page formats to achieve our end – and checking they displayed correctly on the team's PCs from London to Brazil and beyond.

    YCI documents designed by Bungalow Industries and converted to Microsoft Word for in-house management by the client

    YCI are full steam ahead in deploying these documents whose implementation came at a great juncture: the tourism-based life-skills programme is about to roll out across hotels in India!

    Well done! I very much appreciate your attention to detail, your technical skills, creativity and above all your patience!

    YCI, London

    Wow! It looks fantastic, congratulations for making this possible! I am sure our partners will also appreciate it! Greetings from Mexico!

    YCI, Mexico

    Brilliant news, and we wish them every success in their continuing, youth-empowering work.

    Top Flight Firm Targets Seats of Learning

    Saturday, February 18, 2012

    Perrett Laver has one of the largest Higher Education executive search practices in the world, with a vision of influencing society through a new breed of a leaders for a changing world.

    Having worked with the directors and consultants on previous corporate literature, as well as the redesign and reposition of their website, we were appointed once again to produce materials for their Global Chairs Practice.

    Perrett Laver's Global Chairs Practice

    The new literature, aimed at identifying, engaging and securing outstanding academic leaders for the world's top universities, had to feel truly global, set the right tone, and feel every bit as sharp as the the company itself. Taking its overall look and feel from the website, we sourced supporting images and devised a structure to best present the information.

    Having met with resounding approval, printed copies of the book were whisked off to Asia where the Global Chairs Practice convened with the heads of some of the region's top universities. Feedback was prompt upon their return and we're delighted to report that the document proved to be a "roaring success" among its learned readers.

    Winter Warmer

    Friday, January 20, 2012

    Our relocation now behind us, tucked up snug and warm in Kent, we received a winter warmer of a project from entrepreneur and regular client, Damien Knight.

    With the overwhelming success of every venture Damien undertakes, and fuelled by the demand for his gas services, Damien swiftly commissioned us to design not one, but two new brand identities and websites for him. We thoroughly enjoy working with Damien, he's clear about his outcomes and objectives, decisions are made quickly, our designs are implemented promptly by his long standing developers – and he's always delighted with the results. This commission was no exception. 

    The first to be undertaken was 'London Boiler Centre': a simple, friendly and informative website targeting Londoners in search of a new boiler; the second: a sister site offering boiler repairs. Whilst the design work is complete for both, Damien is initially targeting the new boiler market, and the build of the repair site is on the back-burner for the time being.

    London Boiler Centre and Boiler Repair Centre

    We were mindful that the new sites should work well alongside Damien's other venture which supplies gas and electricity testing and certification to the property industry: London Property Inspections. We used our Bungalow trademark approach of clear, engaging graphics, strong imagery, plays on words, simple language, and most of all: a friendly and approachable feel. 

    Yet again the site has been a roaring success, and we are in talks with Damien about moving forward with a pilot for another of his business ideas. Damien is one bright spark!


    "Single Storey" — the Bungalow features in Midcentury Magazine!

    Tuesday, December 06, 2011

    Back in July of this year when we launched the marketing campaign for the private sale of our bungalow, we were thrilled and flattered to be approached by Tabitha and Tom, Editor and Aficionado behind Midcentury Magazine — the only UK-based publication for fans and followers of the midcentury movement. It was a real honour when they asked if they could run a feature on our ranch-style, Renway 'Type 60a' bungalow… and of course, we agreed like a shot!

    Midcentury Magazine Issue 2 cover

    It wasn’t long before they came to interview us at home, seeing the bungalow for themselves, taking a leisurely stroll around the tree-lined roads in Edgcumbe Park, and hearing some of the anecdotes about the estate’s eclectic residents, past and present — not to mention the parties of the ‘swinging sixties’ in the early days of the development!

    The issue's launch coincided with this November's Modern Show in Dulwich where we caught up with Tabitha & Tom busily subscribing new readers on their stand. We were delighted to see a generous nine full pages had been given over to featuring the bungalow, illustrated by David's lovely photographs, along with a separate focus on the Renway Construction Company's vision behind Edgcumbe Park co-authored by Scott. In addition, there’s a useful ‘get the look’ section with information on where we obtained our key pieces. In all, a very special memento of our time at the property, and hopefully something to inspire others to remodel their homes, midcentury-style!

    Spreads from Midcentury Magazine, issue 2

    Why not subscribe and read all about it?!

    Each issue is packed with interesting and information-rich articles all with a midcentury flavour; the current issue no exception with some fascinating reads about furniture designers & manufacturers past and present; where to source the best midcentury finds (and what to look for —great article by Antiques Roadshow expert Mark Hill), and the best in midcentury media & arts (including author David Christopher's appreciation of midcentury hi-fi equipment, and a lovely background insight into Hergé and his Tintin by Charlotte Luxford).

    If you can't wait for your copy to arrive in the post, click to see a preview of ‘Single Storey: An American Ranch Home in Berkshire’.

    Once again, big thanks to Tabitha & Tom at Midcentury Magazine!

    Brand Identity Matters

    Friday, November 25, 2011

    Website development and SEO specialists Sugarcoat came to us late 2011 having observed our work for some time. They said they'd tried to craft their own identity countless times and failed, and came to the conclusion that if you want the job done properly, you call in the experts. We met, talked, and presented our options… the main one being a bitter pill to swallow: change the name. Sugarcoat underwent a rebranding proces with Bungalow Industries to become: netmatter.

    We took their brief and crafted a new identity plus visual and language styles. We dissected their field and competitive landscape and devised a device that in one combined their name, their approach and their methodologies. We created a 5-colour double helix, cannily intertwining the 'n' and 'm' of the name (and the initials of the company's directors) and representing the DNA of the businesses that their approach targeted: the longer strand set in four Google-inspired colours for their 4-fold skillset (Consultancy, Design, Marketing, Reporting) and the other strand in a corporate grey for the SEO service underpinning every aspect of their approach. Simple, elegant, evocative and effective... 'genetic engineering for your business,' you might say!  

    We didn't spare any thinking on the typeface either: Delta Jaeger is a little-known typeface crafted by Gustav Jäger in 1983 for Berthold. Jäger sadly died last July, but his legacy also includes the font Catull – most famously used as Google’s typeface – and his work used here gives a subliminal tie-in for those in-the-know.

    Netmatter were delighted and thrilled to at last have an identity encapsulating who they are and what they do so completely; one that also reflects their capability in this competitive – and fast evolving – marketplace.

    An identity is more than just a logo; and from there, the roll-out commenced. We brought out the 'net' theme in their name, and the tile-able nature of their logo – both into long strands (like DNA of course) and into a net-like pattern vertically for their twitter background and stationery suite. We then designed a holding page, presenting the new name and identity whilst we designed the main site. The DNA strand was used to good effect moving across the screen presenting each of netmatter's key competencies. We coined friendly, approachable language, and a Diagnostic WebCheck service and visual as a hook to catch inquisitive visitors.

    We designed and copywrote the entire site, covering a customer-focused approach to each of their business areas and provided them with all the artwork necessary to build the site, being SEO-savvy developers themselves. Meanwhile, business has been so good for them that they've not had time to complete the build, though it's being developed in the wings as time allows. 

    Business has indeed been good for netmatter as they've subsequently commissioned us to provide front-end artwork and brand treatments to a number of their projects. Confident in their coding abilities, and enjoying the refreshing change of digital communication and website design without having to get stuck into coding, the opportunities have been a welcome change!


    Update Your Address Book!

    Wednesday, November 09, 2011

    This is just a quick change-of-address blog post to let you all know that we've moved! Our own property marketing campaign has proved a resounding success and we’ve sold our bungalow privately!

    The bungalow, the brochure and the For Sale board... now Sold!

    We're still amazed at how the bungalow and its online marketing have been tweeted about, shared on Facebook and featured on property, design and style blogs around the world — and look out for it in the next issue of Midcentury Magazine too! It's particularly rewarding that our combined talents have not only brought deserved attention to the Edgcumbe Park Development... but also saved us over £10,000 in Estate Agency fees.

    December 2011: ISSUU, the world's leading online publishing platform, has just awarded us the accolade of best application of their product and we'll soon be featured on their blog! (Very chuffed!)

    Once we're settled in we'll be blogging properly about how we put our property know-how and marketing expertise into practise to achieve this thrilling result.

    Although sad to leave the bungalow, our super neighbours and the lovely locality behind, we were in need of more space — and the next challenge...

    ...We’re now settling in to an even quirkier property by the sea near Whitstable, Kent! Keep an eye here on our new journal to see more about our new home: an architect-designed, 1970's curiosity called ‘Cambria’, and our ongoing explorations of the local area — famed for its oysters and creative pursuits. We're very excited and are looking forward to sharing it with you!

    Cambria, front elevation... and seagull's eye view!

    Meanwhile, do please update your address books with our new details:

    Bungalow Industries
    47 Hazlemere Road
    Kent CT5 4AW

    If you’d like our help in expertly presenting your property for sale to achieve the best possible price — perhaps even selling privately like us, you know where we are, or call us on 0845 601 1470.

    With house-warmed wishes,

    David & Scott

    P.S. Even though our new home has an upstairs, we’ll always be ‘Bungalow’ ;-)

    366 Days of Dance

    Friday, September 30, 2011

    As we head into autumn there are two things looming large on the horizon: Strictly Come Dancing… and Christmas. How better to combine the two, than with our professional dancers' calendars!

    Following on from the success of Ian Waite's 'Man for All Seasons' calendar last year, he commissioned us to create a follow-up calendar using photographs from his summer shoot in Majorca.

    Provided with the disk of unedited images, we all got to work whittling them down — Ian choosing his favourites, which we then retouched and laid into our new format design. This year we upped the size to A3 to provide more space for fans to write, still including a couple of bonus pages as per last year's. Striking white-suited images provided the front and back covers, and with the summery shots within, we coined the title the 'Whitehot Calendar' with straplines referencing the 'smouldering looks and year-round heat' on offer — all adding another dimension to the product.

    Ian Waite's 2012 Whitehot Calendar

    Again in wall and desk formats, Ian approved the artwork and we set about preparing print-ready files and creating the renders for his online shop and HTML emailshot to his mailing list. Like last year, each calendar will be signed by Ian nearer to Christmas — in another mammoth session!

    Visit Ian Waite’s online shop here.

    More top billing Strictly clients of ours, Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag were also keen to be there for their fans over '366 days of dance' — and using the images from their 2010 'Puttin' On The Ritz' tour, we created their 2012 calendar with the suitably music-hall title, 'Night and Day'. Their beautiful portraits were used to great effect at A3, showing the exquisite detail in Erin's dresses and we added the starry backdrops from the new website we created for them earlier this year to keep everything on brand and suitably sparkling. Extra pages were added, including a year-to-view planner and full-page print for the Nation's Favourite Ballroom Couple to hand sign.

    Anton & Erin's 2012 Calendar - Night and Day

    With Anton and Erin's approval on the design and layout, we prepped the file for print, created the marketing renders and set the product live on their online shop to coincide with the Strictly Launch Show on the 10th September… simultaneously sending out a beautifully styled HTML email to their mailing list.

    When it comes to marketing, like dancing, it's all in the timing!

    Visit Anton & Erin’s online shop here.