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A design solution for an age-old problem.

And now for some mostly me time! Great brand and age-specific e-commerce site.

Entrepreneur and highly successful businesswoman, Catriona Williams, sought Bungalow's expertise to turn her beauty concept into reality.

We worked closely with Catriona to create the brand, its identity and the design of a bespoke online shop focused around the customer experience.

Catriona has moved on to an exciting new venture and the mostlyMe business concept and fully-functioning non-launched website is for sale! If you are interested in purchasing the business please contact us.

Crafting the brand identity for mostlyMe required some significant research into the burgeoning online beauty industry - crucially to understand the products, Catriona's target demographic - along with her novel approach in offering her age-specificity in her search.

Aimed toward the premium end of the market, the site had to offer a quality experience rather than a mere rack of virtual shelves - and the brand identity had to reflect and embrace this.

A rich, warm, sophisticated colour palette was selected with beautiful typefaces to complement it and to add a real character to the tone of voice in the friendly messages - and plays on words - across the site.

The logotype was purposely designed to resemble a label with a view to a later release of own-branded products.

Look and Feel

We designed an engaging interface for this bespoke site by the use of our trademark plays on words and friendly, informative writing.

Quality stock images were sourced for exclusivity and panache, to align with the brand and to help communicate directly with the shopper.

Strong brand cues feature throughout.

Matrix of choice

Navigation and site architecture was particularly crucial for mostly Me.

Our brief was to make the site navigable by age and by body part - the unique selling point being creating tailored 'prescriptions' based on these factors.

We devised a graphic matrix to enable precise choices to be made without fiddly drop-down lists. The matrix was then reused to add a third dimension to the site - Beauty Issues - in all, the device proving to be a simple, effective way of reaching a great range of carefully selected products in an array of combinations.

Shopping Experience

Bungalow role-played the shopper to achieve an experience befitting the brand ethos, one to delight the customer and easily navigable by young and old.

It felt important to convey the feeling of having your very own personal assistant - guiding you through your choices, options and products, with clear descriptions and applications enabling the customer to create their personal prescriptions.

The website allows you to shop by age, body part, beauty issue... as well as brand, best sellers or gifts!

You can create wish lists and save items for you next visit too. With large crisp product images, clear informative text and intuitive navigation the result is an engaging and rewarding online shopping experience.

Cross selling & promotions

Customer Service

At Bungalow we believe in good old fashioned customer service, putting the customer first and making them feel special - it's this 'personal touch' that is so often missing from today's online stores.

We were particularly keen for mostlyMe to instill confidence in both service and products, encourage purchasing - and repeat trade.

Every mostlyMe customer has access to a carefully thought-out account and customer service area to further personalise the mostlyMe experience.

Checking Out

Continuing the shopper's experience through to payment - the checkout pages are bespoke and reassuringly match the layout, design and clarity of the site.

From managing addresses in the shopper's address book, separate invoice addresses for gifts through to adding specific delivery instructions, the purchasing process is comprehensive as well as intuitive.

Structure the site... structure the business

Site maps are essential for plotting out the architecture of a website... but they are also an invaluable tool in helping our clients gain extra clarity about the structure of their business - how departments interact, sections flow, and the pathway of clicks to make a sale.

We prepared a mural-sized site map for Catriona (who duly put it on her wall!) to enable her to visualise the structure of her online business - and to monitor the progress of its development.

Blueprint for the build

The completed website artwork files were passed to a specialist e-commerce developer to build the back end of the site, including a facility for Catriona to manage her products and text on the website.

We provided a 27 page blueprint for the build, giving full detail on layout, positioning and functionality to facilitate the process. We also oversaw the build to ensure the design was adhered to as closely as possible.

A suite of printed materials to ensure mostly Me is as sharp and professional in print as it is on screen.

We sourced a wide range of packing and shipping materials to make unwrapping every mostlyMe package the treat and experience that the brand promises it to be.

testimonial from Catriona Williams

I have had the pleasure of working with Bungalow for a number of years on various projects and am continually impressed with their professionalism.

Regardless of the industry they immediately understand what you are trying to convey and from just minimal detail are able to build a complete brand and identity. They have the rare insight in being able to fully understand both the business need (whether corporate or small business) along with the customer perspective and experience.

The quality of their work is exceptional and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Catriona Williams
mostlyMe Entrepreneur
Catriona Williams, entrepreneur and owner of mostlyMe