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Raising Industry Standards in Sustainable Tourism

The world-leading non-competitive platform for sustainable tourism - from workforce to global impact.

Founded by HRH The Prince of Wales, the International Tourism Partnership (a program of the International Business Leaders Forum) provides a global, non-competitive platform to inspire and provide global leadership for responsible business in hotels, travel and tourism.

Bungalow Industries has maintained a close collaborative relationship with ITP for over 6 years and has contributed to the design and communication of projects in Third World education, poverty alleviation, green tourism and the production of acclaimed industry standard publications in sustainable development and practice in the global tourism industry.

Environmental Management for Hotels [a]

ITP's latest indispensable industry standard publication that is fast becoming required reading on hospitality management courses and at the fingertips of every major chains' 'green teams'.

Presenting a breadth of material from pest control to the benchmarking of energy, water and waste, Bungalow's skills in the presentation of varied and often complex technical concepts has helped bring powerful resource-saving initiatives to hotel managers worldwide.

With a Foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales, his acknowledgement of the importance of careful resource management in the hotel industry is clear - and following these guidelines is shown to create impact not only on bottom lines, but also by leaving a lighter footprint on the environments that support participating hotels.

Read more here, view on Amazon here.

Environmental Management for Hotels [b]

EMH, now in its third edition, is a essential resource for all hotels and lodging institutions.

Printed and produced on fully recyclable materials and biodegradable laminates - even the ring binder mechanisms are reclaimed - the manual's own green credentials uphold its message of sustainability.

Expertly compiled and edited by Claire Baker, former Editor of greenhotelier magazine, with technical input from Reiner Boehme, former Head of Engineering at the InterContinental Hotel Group, EMH is the forerunner in green hotel management.

Sustainable Hotel Siting, Design and Construction [a]

Another industry standard: the world's first guide to Sustainable Hotel Siting, Design and Construction - a handbook for the industry to integrating responsible practices at the development stage to ensure tourism developments have a positive impact, from inception to commissioning and beyond.

Co-funded by ITP and Conservation International and with a Foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales and the backing of the world's leading hotel companies, this groundbreaking publication has set a new standard for sustainable development in tourism.

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Sustainable Hotel Siting, Design and Construction [b]

Already reprinted, with trademark environmentally-friendly stocks and finishes, this publication is a compendium of guiding principles fully designed, typeset and illustrated by Bungalow.

Like the second volume in the toolkit, EMH, Sustainable Hotel Siting Design and Construction is packed with schematics, case studies and concepts made clear by our intuitive design and layout.

Edited by Claire Baker and with technical input from Reiner Boehme, this volume is a valued reference to hotel developers world wide.

Corporate Literature and Resources

a) The Presentation of ITP's diverse work in its Corporate Brochure

b) Going Green - a landmark initiative quickguide to green practice in making your hotel more sustainable. This was such a success that 21 of the world's leading hotel chains asked to co-brand the document to use internally and it has been distributed at conferences worldwide.

c) Collaborations with organisations such as WWF resulted in keystone publications to encourage sustainable practice in the tourism industry.

ITP Website

Bungalow undertook the design and build of ITP's clean, simple website and oversee its maintenance and updates.

Visit the ITP website

Youth Career Initiative Website

Another ITP programme, the Youth Career Initiative was created by Lyndall de Marco in 1995 and works with global hotel chains to provide young people with life and vocational skills through education and employability programmes within the industry.

Bungalow have collaborated with ITP and YCI in the design and build of their website along with the production of programme literature and materials.

Visit the YCI website

A range of materials and advertisements for ITP and its publications, tools and initiatives.

Sustainable Communities - Hotels alleviating poverty

Involved from the inception of the project, Bungalow designed and built a database for ITP's Sustainable Communities initiative, recording community- and sustainability-based projects and poverty-alleviating activities submitted by hotels worldwide. Initially managing the database, we then trained-up ITP staff and with the project's growing momentum and hotels' enthusiasm for online access, we worked alongside a developer to produce a web-based version. Bungalow also designed powerpoints and literature for the initiative.

Other ITP Initiatives

From Foundation For the Future, Sustainable Property Operations Tool, to Going Green Hotels, Bungalow Industries has been commissioned to create visual identities and supporting materials for a rich diversity of ITP global initiatives.

testimonial from ITP

We just love the work you have done for us over the years. Your designs have positioned us and promoted us so well that we are now a success globally. You are able to interpret our needs exactly and we are so delighted with your innovative ways of presenting information. So glad to have you as a very valuable member of our team - what would we do without your eye for detail and technical insight?

Thank you most sincerely for all your fabulous work: your 'can do' attitude and positivity have given us an international, corporate standard website, documents that sing and groundbreaking publications for our industry.

You are such a wiz!

Lyndall De Marco
former director, ITP
Lyndall De Marco, ex-director of the International Tourism Partnership and founder of the Youth Career Initiative