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    Anton Du Beke - Suited... and Re-booted

    Tuesday, October 08, 2013

    With Strictly season (and fever!) upon us again, we were thrilled to be commissioned to design and build a brand new website for one of its best-loved and well-known stars: Mr Showbiz himself, Anton Du Beke!

    The Background

    Already having designed and built websites for a number of Strictly Come Dancing professional dancers and choreographers, we were very excited to at last have the opportunity to give Anton Du Beke's personal website a Bungalow make-over. Anton was looking for a site that would present him as an all-round showbiz personality, whilst also providing content and interactivity to please his fans too.

    Having worked with Anton & Erin in the past, enjoying a trusted relationship with the stars, once given the nod to proceed with Anton's site were left to our own devices to originate the look, feel and content.

    The Approach

    We had a clear idea of the direction we wanted to take from the outset, having earmarked a centre spread in the Sunday Times magazine some years back featuring some stunning, 'Singing In The Rain' style photos by international celebrity photographer Steve Schofield. Now in charge of the website, and having been given Steve's images to work with… along with some fabulous new images from Gregory Michael King (Anton & Erin's favourite photographer)... bundled with some Bungalow creativity... we had everything we needed to shape the structure and styling of the site.

    We gave Anton a new 'A du B' moniker, with a carefully chosen set of typefaces; coined 'The Entertainer' strap line… Anton loved it... and we set about crafting the site.

    Anton Du Beke's new website - click to view

    Although perhaps best known for appearing in all eleven series of Strictly (in particularly his routines with Ann Widdecombe to an audience of over 12 million, including Royalty and David Cameron), Anton is a regular face on our screens from appearances on daytime television, chat-shows, game shows… even to hosting his own shows: 'Hole In The Wall' and 'Step Up To The Plate'.

    We were keen to combine this diversity with Anton's sharp, sartorial style - as well as his Strictly fame - into a site designed and built to respond to his career as nimbly as his footwork. Anton has become as much in demand for his personality and quick wit as for his dancing… and so, without further ado, let's introduce the star of the show!…

    Anton Du Beke's new website - click to view Anton Du Beke's new website - click to view

    The site was designed in a modular fashion, with content panels that can be moved around, added or removed as required. Having scoped out the device-demographics of the site's incredibly broad-based audience, we knew it had to look great and work well on handheld devices such as iPads. And so, we planned it deliberately to present photography-rich, full-screen panels as fan-pleasers in a long, scrolling homepage which can be flicked through to great effect on tablet devices to really get an instant overview of the star.

    Complete with gallery, featured video footage, upcoming events, merchandise plus full, portrait-style inner pages - all fully copywritten by us - the site's a fitting showcase for Mr Showbiz.

    Anton Du Beke's new website - click to view

    Keep Up!

    A celebrity site also needs to have interactivity for the fans, too. And to that end, as well as having a sign-up for Anton's mailing list, we brought his social media profile pages on-brand and integrated their feed feeds into the site: Twitter, Facebook and a new Pinterest feed too (the latter two managed here at Bungalow).

    We built a blog section for the more formal updates we manage for him (including his weekly Strictly performances, this year with Bond girl Fiona Fullerton) - and also included a nifty 'social feed' into the sidebar with all his channels' updates rolled into one scrolling interface, keeping all things current and up-to-date every which way.

    Anton Du Beke's new website - click to view Anton Du Beke's new website - click to view Anton Du Beke's new website - click to view

    The result is a smart, sharp, up-to-date website that's modular, flexible and thoroughly connected.

    Timed to go live on the evening of the first main show - and without any amendments or changes at all - we created an email launch campaign to invite his mailing list to the new site, with another apt line: 'I'm suited… and re-booted'… which made for the perfect catchy tweet to invite his 65,000 twitter followers too!

    Anton loves his new website; he says it's 'absolutely fabulous' and tells us it has been met with a 'tremendous response'. We, too, are just as thrilled!

    Click here to visit antondubeke.tv

    Bungalow are unique in our ability to research, copywrite, image-source and retouch, and design and build a celebrity website without requiring any involvement from the client or their management. We enjoy a rare and privileged level of trust which includes managing their merchandise, prints and order fulfilment along with their blogs and social media.

    If you're looking for a showbiz site, Bungalow are the best in 'the Business'!

    Dancing With The Stars

    Friday, September 14, 2012

    After working with the world renowned dancer/choreographer Chris Marques in 2011 on his own brand and website in readiness for his rise to TV fame as head judge and artistic director on TF1's 'Danse Avec Les Stars', Chris and his partner Jaclyn Spencer commissioned Bungalow to create an identity and promo page for their new dance company: 'Dance Rocks'.

    Chris and Jaci are the world-class duo behind some of the hottest choreography in the industry, including 'Strictly Come Dancing' and working with the biggest names in music and fashion. Their new company sees them performing at spectacular red carpet and VIP events, as well as award ceremonies and catwalk/couture events for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier.

    We set about creating a sleek star-lit identity and rolling it out as a one page addition to Chris' personal site with showbiz style and top-billing layout all to a backdrop of couture style photography.

    Now signed to Sony Music, Chris's site attracts a world-wide audience – not least as he has a new DVD to his name (with artwork based on the identity we originated for his personal site).

    Here's to their ongoing success, and as their library of video clips and photographs grows, there are plans afoot to roll out the page into a full site of its own. Watch this space!

    You guys are stars!!!! Thank you once again!

    Chris Marques

    Click here to visit Dance Rocks.

    366 Days of Dance

    Friday, September 30, 2011

    As we head into autumn there are two things looming large on the horizon: Strictly Come Dancing… and Christmas. How better to combine the two, than with our professional dancers' calendars!

    Following on from the success of Ian Waite's 'Man for All Seasons' calendar last year, he commissioned us to create a follow-up calendar using photographs from his summer shoot in Majorca.

    Provided with the disk of unedited images, we all got to work whittling them down — Ian choosing his favourites, which we then retouched and laid into our new format design. This year we upped the size to A3 to provide more space for fans to write, still including a couple of bonus pages as per last year's. Striking white-suited images provided the front and back covers, and with the summery shots within, we coined the title the 'Whitehot Calendar' with straplines referencing the 'smouldering looks and year-round heat' on offer — all adding another dimension to the product.

    Ian Waite's 2012 Whitehot Calendar

    Again in wall and desk formats, Ian approved the artwork and we set about preparing print-ready files and creating the renders for his online shop and HTML emailshot to his mailing list. Like last year, each calendar will be signed by Ian nearer to Christmas — in another mammoth session!

    Visit Ian Waite’s online shop here.

    More top billing Strictly clients of ours, Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag were also keen to be there for their fans over '366 days of dance' — and using the images from their 2010 'Puttin' On The Ritz' tour, we created their 2012 calendar with the suitably music-hall title, 'Night and Day'. Their beautiful portraits were used to great effect at A3, showing the exquisite detail in Erin's dresses and we added the starry backdrops from the new website we created for them earlier this year to keep everything on brand and suitably sparkling. Extra pages were added, including a year-to-view planner and full-page print for the Nation's Favourite Ballroom Couple to hand sign.

    Anton & Erin's 2012 Calendar - Night and Day

    With Anton and Erin's approval on the design and layout, we prepped the file for print, created the marketing renders and set the product live on their online shop to coincide with the Strictly Launch Show on the 10th September… simultaneously sending out a beautifully styled HTML email to their mailing list.

    When it comes to marketing, like dancing, it's all in the timing!

    Visit Anton & Erin’s online shop here.

    Step Into The Starlit Domain Of Anton & Erin!

    Wednesday, June 08, 2011

    Household names, national treasures and dance icons, Anton & Erin are one of the most renowned ballroom dancing partnerships since Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. As high profile entertainers, the couple are never far from the media spotlight and Bungalow Industries were duly thrilled and honoured to be commissioned by this illustrious couple to give them a brand refresh and website makeover.

    Starting with a beautiful set of studio-based images from Greg King capturing the couple in some lyrical poses, we set to work compiling and editing text, images and video content to ensure the site was rich in fresh media and an authoritative archive of the old. Using Greg's photographs as large as possible to give the fans a real treat, combined with some subtle spotlighting, silvered logotype and starry backdrop, the concept for the site was born.

    Anton & Erin's new homepage

    Followed by an already extensive – and active – fanbase, the site had to provide greater functionality than our previous sites to date and so we integrated a messageboard coined the 'Speakeasy' as a forum for fans to engage with the site, each other, and Anton & Erin too. Complete with a blog, gallery, bookings & events pages, and a print-and-poster-stocked online shop it was developing into a showbiz site of apt style and class!

    Screens from Anton & Erin's new website

    We're particularly proud of the 'Strictly' section. From a splash page of its own introducing the couple in a 'presenterly' manner, you then get to enjoy their celebrity pairings, dances and videos from every series on dancecards portrayed in a cheekily 'Play Your Cards Right' format! No small feat of collation, but the interface certainly kept us amused throughout!

    Play Your Cards Right on Anton & Erin's new Strictly archive

    A pre-launch countdown and sign-up period amassed a mailing list of fans who received a lovely email invitation from Anton & Erin to visit the site when it went live on schedule, 1st June.

    Complimentary comments flooded in to the inaugural blog post – and over twitter too with both @theAntonDuBeke and @ErinBoag having over 15,000 followers apiece and receiving countless tweets of approval. The Speakeasy opened its doors to eager fans posting their thoughts and comments and starting dance topics of their own... and the hits haven't abated.

    We don't mind admitting that it's been particularly exciting to watch the site take on a life of its own!

    With 'Strictly' season soon upon us we have our fingers and toes crossed that Anton & Erin will once again appear as professional dancers – for their 9th series, no less – and that their new website will grow into a lively meeting place for current fans, and help them become fast friends with new followers.

    Keeeeeep Dancing!


    On Your Marques!

    Tuesday, March 08, 2011

    2011 started apace with a call from three-times world Salsa champion and choreographer to the stars, Chris Marques. Hot on the heels of his successes in choreographing many of the routines seen on the BBC hit show 'Strictly Come Dancing', French-born Chris had been appointed Artistic Director and Head Judge on TF1's 'Danse Avec Les Stars' – France's equivalent to 'Strictly' – and needed a website up and running in time for the show's press launch.

    Chris Marques website coverpage

    Chris had a clear direction in mind from the outset: he wanted his site to look and feel very magazine-like, loving the approach we took with fellow Strictly professional Erin Boag's website last year. His brief was to take design cues from top gentlemen's style publications and team them up with shots from his latest photoshoot by the fabulous Snooty Fox Images to create magazine-style pages with attitude and impact. As a relative newcomer front-of-camera, the site was to present Chris as a personable expert and authority in his field — the natural choice for the role of Head Judge on this primetime show.

    Chris Marques magazine-style content

    With a striking bilingual 'coverpage' linking through to a media-packed contents page, interview-style spreads (translation to be supplied) and a blog, gallery and contact page, the result is a punchy site that's smart and chic whilst still capturing Chris' quirky personality and latin spirit.

    Known industry-wide as being a perfectionist in his field, we held our breath when we sent the site over to Chris for him to explore... and were thrilled when we received his marks: a full 10 points!

    "The site is AMAZING!!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!! Everything from the way it looks to the way it's written, just fantastic!"

    Hot-step over to www.chrismarques.com to learn more about Chris Marques and his winning debut on 'Danse Avec Les Stars'!

    A Man For All Seasons

    Monday, December 13, 2010

    Ever keen to give back to his fans and push his brand and materials that step further, 'Strictly' professional dancer Ian Waite understands the value in maintaining a sharp, polished image. And as 2010 draws to a close, what better next step than a bespoke 2011 Calendar?! Not just a timely gift idea... but also a great marketing & PR opportunity: placing him in everyday line-of-sight of fans and media figures alike for the year ahead. With a vision from the outset of a Calendar that would be stylish, premium and very much on-brand, appealing to his broad demographic and showing versatility beyond his repute as a dancer, Ian commissioned Bungalow to present him as a 'Man For All Seasons'.

    Preview shots from Ian Waite's calendar

    The first step was to organise a new photoshoot and we were all in agreement that Leo at Snooty Fox Images was the natural choice, with his eye for location and visual narrative. We sketched out some initial ideas which Leo developed, refined, and proposed to set against the stunning backdrop of Moor Park, a beautiful stately home in Hertfordshire with opportunities aplenty for some great shots. David accompanied Ian as his stylist and behind-the-scenes photographer, and along with hairstylist Caterina Maiolini, makeup artist Carlo di Caterino, and Leo's assistant, Meriet, the team staged Ian in a storyboard of settings, outfits and scenarios.

    Behind the scenes photographs by David Weston from Ian Waite's 2011 Calendar shoot

    Much fun was had on the shoot - and we were incredibly lucky with the weather which enabled Leo to shoot some impromptu shots in the grounds of the property as well as using its magnificent interior. A beautiful classic Aston Martin was also sourced for the shoot, adding cinematographic panache and reflecting an era of suave sophistication to which Ian is perfectly tailored.

    Armed with the shots straight off camera, Ian came to the Bungalow to shortlist them down to a series of images that worked not only photographically, but that also gave good narrative to the calendar - capturing the character of the moment, each image a good fit to the month portrayed.

    Ian Waite shortlisting his calendar images at Bungalow Industries

    Bungalow then began work on the design: the size, shape, image placement and typography of the calendar - keenly maintaining the sharpness and style of his branding… then working this look into two formats: one sized to hang on the wall and one for the desk. We retouched and polished the images to get the best possible results at the required sizes, and as a final touch included some extra content on bonus pages: a Welcome & New Year message from Ian accompanying another super photo; a photo index with each image entitled to enhance the storytelling for the romantics among his fans; a montage of David's behind-the-scenes shots to share the experience of the shoot; a year-to-view page, and finally a smartly designed back cover with yet another cracking portrait.

    The back page also displays the WellChild logo: Ian is an active supporter of this charity and generously pledged to make a donation from the sale of each and every calendar.

    Artwork completed and approved by Ian, files were then sent to the printer to produce a set of final proofs. This underway, we set about marketing the Calendars to build buzz, excitement... and demand...

    Visuals of Ian Waite's calendars by Bungalow Industries

    Without having the final products in our hands to photograph, we created 3D digital renders instead. These were deployed across the internet in a number of ways: we prepared the listings on Ian's online shop for which we wrote the detailed descriptions & set the pricing; we then updated his home page with a large promotional graphic to inform every visitor to his site; we designed a HTML email and sent this out to all subscribers on his email list (carefully tracking its impact and responses), and then began plugging it on Twitter to Ian's 12,500+ followers. The influx of orders began immediately!

    With proofs signed-off, calendars were literally 'hot' off the press - those summer months in particular! And adding to their value and appeal, Ian signed the cover of each one before they were shrink-wrapped.

    Ian Waite signing his 2011 Calendars

    We coordinated the signing, print management and packaging of all the orders including arranging international shipping for his overseas sales, and were very grateful to Paul at Print Synergy for pulling out the stops ensuring we could ship the first batch in time for the 'Strictly Come Dancing' semi-final!

    Great feedback is already appearing on Twitter as excited fans' parcels are arriving, and those who've opened them (unable to wait until Christmas!) are already tweeting their favourite months directly to Ian. They're generating new sales as a result, too, so much so that demand will soon outstrip supply and another print run will be needed.

    We're thrilled with the result: a really stunning, premium product! Ian, too, is delighted, and he's already thinking about locations for shooting his 2012 Calendar! If you'd like to 'Make a date with Ian Waite', visit his online shop here - but be quick... supplies are 'Strictly' limited!

    Media makeover keeps Ian Waite a step ahead!

    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    It's been just over a year since we launched Strictly Come Dancing star Ian Waite's much admired website, and with a set of new images from his 2011 calendar photoshoot, countless hours of YouTube footage and stacks of new personal and publicity photographs, it was time for a refresh!

    Ian Waite's new homepage

    Bungalow set about rebuilding the back-end of the site to better enable more dynamically driven content and to make the site feel fresher to returning visitors. Making full use of the new photographs taken by Leo at Snooty Fox, we set them as full-page backgrounds on random rotation overlaid by news, media and promotional modules: 'Next appearing at...', featured footage, photos, tweets and promos for advertising his services and merchandise to his loyal fans, booking agents and corporate clients alike. We included a frequency controlled pop-over initially plugging Ian's 2011 calendar but which can swap out to spotlight other promotions, and we also included links for Facebook and Twitter to encourage fans to spread Ian's news across key social media networks.

    Then, to bring the media sections up to date – and in fact, fuller than any other celebrity website we'd come across in our work – over 140 new photographs were diligently sourced, sized & captioned, plus a whole videography of YouTubes compiled and categorised by Strictly Series, tours, interviews etc. to ensure Ian's site remains the definitive source of information for his fans – and a compelling extended showreel for the press, media and future clients too.

    Ian Waite's website refresh - with a media-rich homepage and HTML emailshot

    With the updates uploaded, tweets went out to all Ian's 12,500 followers and we designed a lovely HTML email for Ian's mailing list to ring out the changes... and to give yet another gentle plug for his Calendar in good time for the last Christmas post!

    ...Have you ordered yours?!...

    Take a look at Ian Waite's website here, and read more about our work with Ian in our Case Study.

    It's Showtime for Strictly's First Lady: Erin Boag!

    Tuesday, September 07, 2010

    Bungalow Industries are delighted to tell you all about the launch of our latest project - the new website for Strictly Come Dancing's Erin Boag!

    Beautifully photographic with magazine-inspired design and layout, and interview-style content, Erin's thrilled with the website - as are her fans who were eager to tweet their approval and post comments to her new blog!

    We were keen from the outset that this site should present Erin as an individual performer with a strong identity beyond that of her professional dance partnership with Anton du Beke and we've created an engaging, informative and interactive site for Erin, her fans and her corporate clients.

    Erin Boag - up close and personal

    It's really rewarding to see it working for her already: Erin is writing and uploading her own blog posts, posting answers to her fans' questions in the Ask Erin section, and managing the enquiries that are coming in via her contact form. It's also the perfect place for her to collate her favourite photographs and YouTubes and have a swish archive of her career. All this, plus the backstage buzz from her live stream of tweets makes for something new to read each time the fans log on.

    Erin Boag's blog and twitter feeds

    We've also included Boag's Boutique - Erin's online shop, containing some lovely prints (produced here, in-house), and Erin will pop in and sign them as required. There are also some super postcard packs that we've put together along with her DVDs... and there's more merchandise to come!

    Erin came to Bungalow after seeing fellow Strictly professional dancer Ian Waite's website - a brand and site we launched last September at the start of the seventh series of the show. Erin is a savvy celebrity and understood the potential held within a great website - not just for giving back to her fans, but also in promoting herself to the corporate events market. And with a powerful back-end system tracking all enquiries, Erin now has more than a website - she has an online business.

    Erin Boag's Booking page and blog

    We're sure that her website will be a great asset for Erin during the 8th series of Strictly Come Dancing which all starts off with a red carpet launch on BBC1 this coming Saturday, 11th September at 6:25pm!

    Bungalow couldn't be more proud and excited to have not just one, but two extremely talented clients on prime-time BBC television this autumn with both Erin and Ian appearing on Strictly. Dust off the glitterball and dry-clean the glad rags - ballroom mania is set to sweep the nation once again!


    Sign up... it's Ian Waite!

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    Busy day at the Bungalow with special guest Ian Waite stopping by to sign some more prints for his online shop. We print them all especially to order and he pops in to sign each one personally when his schedule permits! This batch will just catch the last post for Christmas... we'd best hot-foot it to the post office!

    ...meanwhile... quickstep across to Ian's blog and download the fab-u-lous Christmas card we've designed for him to send his fans!