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    Thursday, September 01, 2011

    Leading light in the provision of Risk Assessment software and systems to businesses nationwide, RiskBase approached Bungalow Industries to rethink the presentation of data and results in their report documents. Not the most glamorous of fields, granted, but certainly of relevance to us (being property-minded) and an interesting opportunity nonetheless with great industry-wide potential.

    We began with Asbestos. RiskBase have devised a unique system for assessors to capture their survey data on tablet devices — such as the iPad — which syncs with their office database from which a report can be automatically compiled and prepared. Experts in user interface (UI) design themselves, their online polish wasn't reflected in their printed materials and they duly commissioned Bungalow to find a new way of reporting the information.

    We took the report to task, firstly having to understand the survey's scope and important legal and technical requirements so we could work out how to present the information in the best possible way. We wanted to give a cleaner, stronger format to the layout, including more visual signals for the key levels of hazard. We even worked hard to understand the algorithms used in the calculations so we could clearly show their customers how raw data translates into risk, hazard… and crucial action lists. Clarity, communication and comprehension were key to turning dry, word-processed documents into engaging, understandable reports.

    Riskbase documents

    RiskBase were delighted with our approach, the format and design we presented and were quick to set us off reformatting their reports for Fire Safety. We went back to basics again, understanding the complexities of the assessments and how to interpret them in order to present the results.

    Again, the layouts were met with approval — and not just by our client RiskBase… but also by the Fire Protection Association, the national regulatory body who will in fact be implementing our formatting into their reports. They requested some subtle customisation to work with their specific datasets, resulting in not just a delighted client but also a step change for risk reporting with Bungalow able to help raise the industry-standard bar.